Longbows/Self bows made in the style of The Mendlesham Bow from a single stave of wood described by Horace Ford as the real old english weapon. Made from ash, a material available to the medieval bowyer.
Hugh Soar, longbow historian and author, is arguably the world authority in his field.  Of longbow sections he has this to say in his excellent publication – 'Coaching Long-bow'.
 “Historically, a number of cross-sections have been used. The more important are the elliptical, or ‘ogival’ and the square, or ‘rectangular tapered’.  Each is of considerable antiquity and should not be rejected at Long-bow Society Meetings.”
It is interesting to note there are no known medieval or Tudor period specifications for warbows.
For more information about this please  see the interesting article on Warbow Wales via this link: 
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